Our Technology

PLASTIC ENERGY works with an TAC process (thermal anaerobic conversion) patented and certified that transforms end-of-life plastics into synthetic fuels.

The PLASTIC ENERGY system is prepared to process all kinds of plastics, categories 1 to 7, as well as mixes of various types. However, the process profitability will vary depending on the plastics and/or mix. With good quality, clean feedstock the technology conversion ratio is of approximately 900 litres of synthetic fuels per ton of plastic. Currently there are three commercial TAC plants in Bristol (UK), Almeria and Seville (Spain).

Without taking into account space needed for feedstock pre-treatment, a 20 tons of waste per day plant needs an area of approximately 1500 m2. The highest point is the distillation tower, which is 30 meters high, which is the thermal oxidizer.


Plastics enter the Extruder  - Hot Melt process takes place.


Oxygen is removed so that combustion (fire) does not occur. High temperatures in absence of oxygen allow for the plastic to be gasified. 


Phase during which the molecule chains are broken / cracked.

The third sub-product is char, a solid neutral carbon with high calorific value.

Besides the synthetic fuels produced, there is also syngas. This syngas is used to feed the heaters that rise the temperatures during the process. This improves the efficiency of the process as it becomes semi-self sufficient.

04Double Distillation

Once the products are cooled down, the liquid fractions flow through two tanks for the distillation process. The gas fractions left are re used in the heater. 


Of the three products: Cyndiesel+ (synthetic diesel), Cynlite (synthetic light oil) and Cynkero (synthetic kerosene).

How We Do It

We are an alternative energy company that uses Cynar proven, patented and profitable technology to transform end-of-life plastic waste into high quality synthetic fuels. The process is environmentally friendly, scalable and versatile.

Cynar is an award winning company whose efforts in innovation and development of new technologies has been widely recognised. Plasticenergy works closely with them in the development of the business in an international scope.