Our Mission

To reduce end-of-life plastic waste hardly recyclable through traditional means.

To develop local solutions, fuels and opportunities.

To contribute to the improvement of the environment

To produce synthetic fuels locally, helping and boosting local economies

To earn low risk, attractive returns for investors and clients.

PLASTIC ENERGY works to contribute to solving the problem of waste accumulation and landfilling and to reduce the need for incineration, actively helping improve the environment.

Our technology offers an alternative that is environmentally friendly while producing local high quality synthetic fuels.

A great part of the thousands of tons of plastic waste that are landfilled every year globally are not recyclable by traditional means (mechanical recycling). PLASTIC ENERGY´s TAC technology adds to the available solutions to this problem, producing synthetic fuels from waste that would be otherwise landfilled or burnt.

Our technology allows us to reduce landfill volume. Our feedstock is made out of plastics with no market or commercial demand; end-of-life plastics have no further use for anyone but us. We are, therefore, complementary to traditional recycling efforts, taking care of those kinds of plastic waste that no one else can process profitably.

Our Advantage
  1. Industry First Mover
  2. Environmentally friendly technology
  3. Proven, scalable, patented technology
  4. Profitable process&business
  5. Attractive, low risk earnings and returns for investors
  6. Potential for further energy efficiency improvements
  7. Capability to process all kinds of plastics and mixes of it
  8. Anaerobic process (without combustion)
  9. High quality synthetic diesel with a centane number above 69
  10. Highly experienced team of professionals
  11. Modular EPC standardized plants deployed in less than 10 months