To be a world leading, sustainable and profitable producer of synthetic second generation fuels from end-of-life plastic waste. 


To contribute to the improvement of the environment by being part of the solution to the waste problem.


To benefit local economies in all countries where PLASTIC ENERGY develops their activity by producing synthetic fuels locally and reducing the need for imported energy sources. 

Our firm offers a unique solution, which is patented and proven, to two main issues: the need for new sources of energy and the need to reduce landfilling of waste. PLASTIC ENERGY works actively in the development of new plants to bring the TAC technology to several locations all over the world.

Our scope is international and we help local economies and create job opportunities with every plant that we open. We have the first mover advantage, bringing this technology to different countries in Europe and America for the very first time. We aim to lead the way into a future of better quality synthetic second generation fuels produced from plastic waste that is hardly recyclable through traditional processes.

PLASTIC ENERGY S.L. is licenced by Cynar to develop the technology in Spain and Portugal (Iberia) and Plasticenergy America holds the license for the development of the business in Florida (USA), The Caribbean and Central and Latin America.

PLASTIC ENERGY first plant, for which the financing was raised in 2012 in Spain, was delivered in Almeria (South of Spain) during the first quarter of 2014. This plant process approximately 7.000 tons of plastic waste per year, producing 6.000 m3 of synthetic fuels.